MODEL ÇELİK which gives service over” 20 years in it’s sector, succeded to catch bazaar conditions with the helpof team work and team soul in true time and true place With it’s investments it takes place among todays succesfull firms

MODEL ÇELİK keeps step to the latest developirents, and follows the developing technology very closely and it always tries to do best

It succeded to proof it self in the bazaar by it’s progressive view and by giving importance to the to the allkinds of customers desires and tastes

İt’s basic principle in the production is to share and in the consumption are quality, esthetics and prices. MODEL ÇELİK wich will protect it’s mission in the future , addresses the changing world and changing consumer’s expectations and different cultures.

MODEL ÇELİK wich tries to otter it’s best to the consumers, says hello to the next years with it’s the same service understanding and without giving compensation of quality.

when you distingguish the firm, you will feel the difference and you will fell comfort because of a professional cooperation understanding